Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boston, Massacuhetts

Ahhh......21 hrs and a great crew in Boston makes for a fun time :)  Very cold from the Nor-Easter that came through yesterday.  High today was in the upper 30's .........brrrrrr!! 
The outside of "Cheers" from the show that use to be on TV

Love that Chowder!!

This building is where the Boston Masacure took place

Graveside where Paul Revere and many other important people were burried

Paul Revere Cementary

Beautiful Church

View while walking through the walk-way from the airport to our hotel that is on the right.  Boston skyline is to the left.

This is the view from my hotel room..........beautiful @ night too!

Love the costume :)

Fresh fruit & Veggies

Always, always love the Christmas store!!

Fun Crew...........we had a great time along with our captain and first officer.

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